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A bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) or a minor in Social Welfare helps to set you up for success in the field of Social Work. There are many benefits to working in the field immediately after graduation. Half of our students go directly into the field after finishing their degree.

Graduate School

Many students choose to continue their education after graduation. A BSW provides a solid foundation for a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW). With your BSW, you may be eligible to complete your MSW in 1 year (usually Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters). These programs are referred to as Advanced Standing MSW programs.

Your BSW may have piqued interest in related fields and some students choose to attend graduate school in a different area. There are many graduate program options at Buffalo State and many have a fast track where seniors can begin taking some graduate school courses and complete their graduate degree in less time. 

Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration Accelerated Pathway

Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Public and Nonprofit Management: 4+ 1 Accelerated Pathway