Spanish Court Interpreter Certificate

The Spanish Court Interpreter Certificate program is an approved SUNY certificate. It requires the completion of 5 classes over 3 semesters. 

Intermediate level of Spanish proficiency is required.


  • MCL 370: Intro to Community Interpreting/Translation: Fall 2022: The translating and interpreting professions in medical, social work, law enforcement areas.
  • SPA 204: Prof. Spanish II: Spring 2023: Focused on law enforcement and social services careers.
  • SPA 399: Legal Spanish: Spring 2023: Legal concepts, terminology, literacy in legal texts and courtroom discourse.
  • SPA 403: Spanish Court Interpreting: Fall 2023: Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills, with a focus on knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to Spanish court interpreting. Preparation for the NYS Court Interpreter Test.
  • SPA 407: Practicum: Every semester: At Prisoners’ Legal Services of NY. Court, prison visits with lawyers and social workers to facilitate communication with Spanish speaking inmates. Translation of documents.